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Reading solutions

Tutoring a child with dyslexia or a reading disability can be like letting a track and field coach force your child to sprint on a sprained ankle.  They will get a lot further if you let the ankle heal. 

For some children tutoring works well but if you find that they are not progressing any further it may be time to look at solutions that can work directly on strengthening brain connections (neuroplasticity). 

Lisa’s Holistic Rehab offers three interventions. 

Call today to find out which one is right for you or your child.



Straight from Australia, the Cellfield program is a brain based 12 week intervention reading disability program that helps rehabilitate and strengthen the auditory and the visual processing skills that cause difficulty for these readers.  This program gets to the root cause by using visual exercises to stimulate visual attention, visual processing and working memory, as well as acoustically modified sound to assist auditory perception. In doing so, it develops stronger connections in parts of the brain which are involved in reading.  Available in English and French.

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord was developed by world-renowned neuroscientists and is a computerized reading intervention that intensively address the brain's ability to process, discriminate, and identify sounds while cross-training grammar, listening comprehension, and vocabulary.   It addresses specific areas of weakness such as working memory, attention, processing, language, and phonological awareness thereby preparing the brain for fast reading improvement.  From any computer or iPad®, learners complete a variety of exercises that look like reading or pre-reading games.  This gives students the foundation to be able to acquire basic reading and spelling skills.


Visual Stress

Does your child complain of words or letters appearing to jump or move on a page, or complain of eyestrain from reading, computer work or fluorescent lighting?  There is a very high possibility that visual stress is a part of the problem. 

Visual Stress is a type of sensory processing disorder (visual sense) which is a neurological condition characterized by hyperactivity of the brain’s visual cortex causing difficulty with processing visual information properly which interferes with reading, attention, and coordination. It is possible that coloured spectral filters can help.  Spectral filters reduce sensitivity to triggers by neutralizing the wavelengths of light causing the overexcitement, resulting in a calming of the visual cortex. 

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