Lisa's Holistic Rehab

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  Rehabilitate your Brain


Initial Assessment, Standardized testing    1hr* - $120 - $150 (Plus one time $30 admin fee)

Developmental Milestones Check- up           1-2hr  - $175 - $295

BrainFx (cognitive assessment for 10yrs and up)          $500 - $600 

Follow-up sessions       1hr* - $120    

                                           45min* - $90

                                           30min* - $70   

                                           15min - $40    

Sensory intervention     1hr* - $135

in sensory room

Written report          $ 300 - $500

OT may be covered by your insurance.  If not... Ask for it!

Here is a template letter to send to them

A session that is 90 mins long would be 1hr rate plus the 30min rate 

*Please note that this time includes therapist time for writing a progress note which means that face to face is 5-10 minutes less.  Standardized testing requires more paperwork to tabulate results.    

Visit location

Usually visits are at clinic (Halifax)

If a home/ school visit is required or requested - travel time is billed at half the session rate (at discretion of therapist)

Ex – 30 min travel time (with or without traffic) at 40km from office = $30


An OT evaluation can last up to 4- 6 hours (over multiple visits). Additional time is required for a report to be written. At this point, a discussion of findings is done.  Recommendations and a home program are given which for children can also be implemented by school staff or caregivers.


Extra therapy time may be warranted and will be charged accordingly based on the price list.


Lisa’s Holistic Rehab offers cutting edge therapies that may have an additional fee to hourly rate.  


If you cannot afford services - here are some funding agencies that other parents have used (to be updated)

President's Choice Children's Charity  
Ceridian Cares
Support our Troops Fund (for military members and their families)

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