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Lisa Dennis

Occupational Therapist
Lisa graduated from McGill with her Bachelors of OT, and from Dalhousie with her Master's of OT.  She is pursuing Doctoral studies. An Occupational Therapist since 1999 offering services to a varied clientele,
she has struggled with personal experiences with her own brain-based disorders and this drives her to find interventions to help heal brains.

She is a military spouse with 2 beautiful and active children. She enjoys drumming on her djembe, hanging out with her community, and doing different workouts at the gym or home.

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Lisa Tramley

Rehab assistant

Lisa graduated in 2016 from Eastern College with a diploma with distinction for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Assistant. Since graduation Lisa has worked at several different jobs within her field gaining experience in both physical and mental health. Lisa has  proven her ability to create a good rapport with clients and to be able to help clients meet their desired outcomes by safely and proficiently carrying out treatment plans and helping clients overcome barriers. 

Living a life balance between work and leisure,  Lisa spends much of her free time with her son.  She is a member of an axe throwing league, takes drum lessons, and loves to swim, snorkel, or kayak. She gives back to her community by volunteering and she is dedicated to continuous personal and professional development.

John Chijuka

Subject Matter Expert
Vision Science

John graduated in 2005 with a PhD in Vision Science from the University of Alabama and has an Optometry degree (1988) from the University of Benin (Nigeria). He has years of experience in both teaching optometry courses and clinical expertise in vision therapy and rehabilitation. 

While he re-certifies his credentials to be recognized in Canada, he will apply his knowledge to offer innovative and valid alternative methods to provide care for people with Visual Stress (a sensory processing difficulty) which will involve using the cutting-edge Intuitive Colorimeter.

He enjoys working with like-minded professionals of varied backgrounds that sees possibilities on how the brain can naturally be rehabilitated or helped to heal.  He has an amiable, supportive personality and values diplomacy and wisdom.  He is married with 3 kids and enjoys karate and spending time with family.  

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