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Our Services

Individual therapy

An initial occupational therapy assessment will be conducted to get to know your strengths and challenges and then an intervention plan will be discussed.  Either a home program can be given for you to do on your own (with follow-up) or a more intensive in clinic program will be required.

We now offer sensory intervention sessions in the multisensory room to improve self regulation, reflex integration, sensory processing issues, gross and fine motor skills.

Group treatment

After the individual assessment is done, treatment may be offered to groups of 2 or more people.


                                       Social skills group               

                                       Handwriting program (pre print, printing, cursive)

                                       Life skills course  

                                       Pain Warrior (chronic pain group)

                                       Brain Boost   (memory and cognitive function group)                              

Workshops and programs

Learn about:

Is it ADHD?: Other possible diagnoses through the eyes of an OT

Let's be Real - Mental Illness talk (in a game format)

Sensory processing disorder 

                                       Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and treatment options

                                       Home Alone program for pre-teens (2hours)



Contract our services at an affordable rate for 3 months or more.

We have special training in a variety of programs and assessments such as:

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

BrainFX 360 assessment

Handwriting without Tears

Shift Consussion Management

AMPS and School AMPS

ASIST training – Suicide intervention

FASD diagnostic team training

Also see treatment page for more programs

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