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Fitness classes

Lisa is a Canfitpro certified fitness instructor specialist and teaches the following classes.  She is also trained in first aid and CPR.  Stay tuned to find out about a class near you.

New class - Zumba Gold

Coming soon

Edgett Social Dance Studio

36 Brookshire Court

Bedford, NS

This class is perfect for the older active adult, the de-conditioned person just getting back into shape, the person who just wants the fat-burning option, or the person who feels uncoordinated. 

Zumba? (pronounced "zoom-bah)
It is a latin-inspired and international dance fitness
cardio workout.  It incorporates salsa, merengue,
reggaeton, cumbia, cha cha, flamenco, samba,
quebradita,  tango, as well as international dances such
as soca, calypso, bellydance, bollywood and african
moves all in one workout.  The steps are kept simple
(yet challenging) and repetitive so that you can pick it up eventually.  So don't get frustrated.  Be patient with will get it!!! 


                                       Why do Zumba?
                                      For starters, it is meant to be fun and you won't notice   
                                      that you are working out.  It lowers stress, increases   
                                      endurance, gets your heart rate up, increases self    
                                      confidence and of course helps with weight-loss and  
                                      toning.  You travel the world through dance.  Anybody    
                                      can Zumba, just add your own flavor.

                                      Lisa is trained to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning,                                       Zumba Kids, Aqua Zumba,  Zumba Step, and Zumba Sentao

PILOXING® is the first program that blends the muscle sculpting
of standing Pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing and the fun and sensuality of dance into a high energy interval workout. 

PILOXING® is so effective because it is based on the most current science in fitness and weight loss. PILOXING® classes are structured into an interval format because the most recent studies show that interval training burns the most calories and is the most effective method of improving cardiovascular health.  Interval training helps to increase your metabolism and the effect lasts all day long!    

You can do the class with 1/2 lb gloves that are worn on each  hand which help tone but trust me you won't want to use it right away because the workout is already intense enough!

                                   Check out http://www.piloxing.comfor more info

Urban Poling

Nordic walking – also called Urban poling, exerstriding,
or pole walking – combines the aerobic and strength
building benefits of cross-country skiing with walking.

This full-body cardiovascular exercise engages the
arms, back, stomach, and legs, all in a dynamic way that
is applicable to a healthy lifestyle.  It takes walking to the
next level.  Regular walking is good but your arms do
virtually nothing.  Urban Poling is a low impact, yet 
                                     higher intensity workout. 

                                    30 minutes of Pole Walking = 50 minutes of regular walking!

                                    It is one of the safest and most effective physical 
                                    activities.  It is easy to learn and suitable for people of                 
                                    all ages and almost all fitness levels!

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