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How do I know if OT is needed?  What should I look for?

For Adults:

Do you have difficulty with:

  • performing  activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, feeding, mobility)
  • performing leisure activities or chores
  • performing well at work
  • concentration, working memory, paying attention
  • sleeping
  • coping with chronic pain
  • sensitivity to sounds, touch, visual stress


    Do you notice the following with your child?

    • No interest in fine motor activities (using their hands)
    • Unable to roll, hop, skip, jump, run, etc.. or avoidance of these gross motor activities
    • Poor pencil grasp or scissor skills
    • Clumsy grasp and release skills (throwing ball seems uncoordinated)
    • Difficulty holding small objects, manipulating tools, pencils or scissors
    • Difficulty copying text from whiteboard or blackboard
    • Reversal of letters such as b for d or p for q (that seems to linger on)
    • Easily fatigued and overwhelmed by external stimulation
    • Problems applying what has been learned
    • Over/under sensitive to touch, movement, sights or sounds
    • Impulsive, lacking in self control
    • Inability to unwind or calm self down, easily distracted
    • Social and/or emotional problems
    • Difficulty making transitions from one situation to another
    • Delays in speech, language or motor skills
    • Delays in academic achievement
    • Problems with self-esteem, suspected trauma

    Remember that it is only considered as possibly problematic if this behaviour is not commonly seen in the child’s peers (i.e.  This behaviour needs to stand out as different from other children in his/her class. )  If the behaviour is culturally appropriate and considered healthy (no risk of harm to the child or others) then it does not need to be addressed. 

    These behaviours may or may not resolve with time.  The Occupational Therapist will evaluate and address these flagged behaviours and if it is deemed necessary develop an intervention plan.  Consent must be given by the client/guardian for this assessment and intervention plan.  

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